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2019 Rancher 420 Maintenance

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I'm coming up on 100 miles and the glove box book and the Helms manual both say check the valves. Or, I guess it's I for inspect.

I'm planning on doing all my own work so I don't intend to take it into the dealer and have them charge $500 (or anything) and then check the valves by listening to it.

However the book says replace the o rings around the 2 adjustment ports or holes and where the top dead center is observed.

I went to the dealer and they only could get the two end ones and then it would take a week.

So I need, as I needed anyway, to find a Honda ATV discount online supplier.

I know they are out there for Honda cars. I can get car parts sent to my door with a discount that, after shipping is less than the dealer will charge.

Does anyone have a parts supplier for Honda ATV parts. The nearest dealer to me is 50 miles each way, and they seem to have no parts in stock (unless that is their way of steering people into their service department.)

I probably don't really need to replace those o rings, but I'd like to have them around for when I do.

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from MY experience, there is NO single place that is always the best priced,, you just have to shop around for the best prices, if price alone if your goal
some times I rather pay a tad for for a part from a company that had great reputation for fast delivery, in stock parts and well, trust worthy!
so many places these days to buy from, and prices on the same part , you have to at least look, many larger online stores will price match if you find it cheaper, so pays to look around IMO
I don't know torque values,
but I do know a LOT of folks over tighten them and strip them too, so go easy!
and this is also why I tend to always buy a HONDA service manual, they or all I have had, had values for torque spec's!

NEXT< no one I know balances a ATV tire, and the reason is, tires are just not held to the same spec's as any street legal tire!
and if there saying they do, I would really question this info!!

can they be balanced< I guess, but doubt they would stay there long due to how atv's are used! low air and all, tires will slip at times on a wheel(small amounts) but enough to toss a balanced tire out of wack pretty easy!, just add some mud to a tire and your out of balance!
Atv's just are not driven on pavement(or most are not) enough to need a balanced tire, and well, sadly, MOST honda atv's don't go fast enough to notice them out of balance LOL
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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