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2019 Rancher 420 Maintenance

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I'm coming up on 100 miles and the glove box book and the Helms manual both say check the valves. Or, I guess it's I for inspect.

I'm planning on doing all my own work so I don't intend to take it into the dealer and have them charge $500 (or anything) and then check the valves by listening to it.

However the book says replace the o rings around the 2 adjustment ports or holes and where the top dead center is observed.

I went to the dealer and they only could get the two end ones and then it would take a week.

So I need, as I needed anyway, to find a Honda ATV discount online supplier.

I know they are out there for Honda cars. I can get car parts sent to my door with a discount that, after shipping is less than the dealer will charge.

Does anyone have a parts supplier for Honda ATV parts. The nearest dealer to me is 50 miles each way, and they seem to have no parts in stock (unless that is their way of steering people into their service department.)

I probably don't really need to replace those o rings, but I'd like to have them around for when I do.

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I got my boxes from Rocky Mountain and they shipped free overnight.
I had stopped in to ask them about tire mounting and they told me they use dyna beads for balance (this on a motorcycle) which I don't like. Also, at that time I was shopping for an atv and they don't sell any at that location, only service, so ...
But they priced matched on the boxes and free shipped fast.

So I'll try them.

The dealer where I bought the Rancher 420 sold me the wrong oil filters. So I have to take those back. Now I know which ones are the right ones, but at first ...

I bought the Helm book on the quad but it doesn't list torque value for oil drain plug.

Anyone know that, and where it's found? In the Helm book they are listed at the end of any section, but not for oil change. ???
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Well I found the torque value online in forum responses. 18 ft lbs or more properly probably since Honda is all metric, 24 nm.

Oddly enough in the Helm book, the official manual 'from Honda' it has torque values for everything? ... EXCEPT the oil drain plug, as far as I could see. I'll look again, but since the big stripping issues in earlier years maybe they just were afraid to put a torque value.

I used 24 nm and that is fairly easy, tight, but not super or good n tight, as on my BMW motorcycle.

Now as to tire balance. That was for the motorcycle, which indeed is critical. And I know dyna beads are accurate, but I just never liked the idea of stuff rolling around in my tires. I'd rather a (motorcycle tire) dynamic spin balance like I always got in Los Angeles.

I have no need to balance the atv tires. It's just that I didn't like Rocky Mountain's policy on it. I was later covinced of their use by getting my atv boxes there.

I'm sure my atv tires are fine as they came from the factory. And I'm not about to replace them till they are worn out, then I may go to a larger tire.

I've been up into one of the big canyons here which goes up, eventually to the skyline route which goes to all the canyons for hundreds of miles. But. Snow and mud has prevented me. A lady was talking of a plow cut thru' about 10 feet of snow last week on a neighboring canyon but still she was able to get to the top and beyond to go fishing.

So I have 100 miles and that is Honda's first maintenance, so that's why I'm looking for the o rings for the valve check. I did the oil but the dealer sold me the wrong oil filters so I have a 50 mile ride each way there tomorrow to change those, then get back on the trial. I'll do the valve check in a few days when I get the o rings.

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