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My take on the DCT, is that it does as good a job as a computer can do for shifting. Had the opportunity to ride one a few times.

Found myself leaving in set in Auto mode for all the flat land east going riding. Once I got to hills or any serious riding, I found myself putting it in ESP mode. A computer just can't anticipate what gear you should hold or shift up or down like riding experience can tell you. But with my limited dexterity I struggled with the ESP buttons just like I did with the buttons on my 400AT.

Which is why in 2012 after riding a DCT Honda, I ended up buying my Grizzly 450. Those true CVT's have seamless transitions and are always in the right gear ratio, especially after doing some fine tuning of the Ultramatic.

I've never owned a DCT so I can't speak anything about its reliability. But to sum up it's function, I'd say it's a very capable auto and even more capable if you don't mind flipping it into ESP mode when needed.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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