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2018 recon 250

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Hi there. My sons 2018 honda recon 250 started blowing white smoke and leaking oil out of the exhaust. Took it to dealer as it wasnt a year old yet and have extended warranty. piston got torn up on one side. Warranty didnt cover anything and dealer wants an arm and a leg of course. I have a good friend who will rebuild top end but i cannot find a kit online for that new of a quad. Anyone point me in the right direction would be appreciated greatly. Thanks.
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Tha k you guys. No he didnt sink it as I am always on my side x side next to him. The dealer said it was the oil pump then changed their mind and said dirt got in through the filter.and the dealer took it all apart to see the piston scortched on one side. Thanks for the links I will get parts ordered.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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