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2018 Rancher - Rear Brake Adjustment and Hose

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I just installed a swing stretch and obviously a few hoses are not long enough.

1. I reattached the rear brake cable. How do you adjust and how do you know when it’s perfect. I know the knob on the cable end tightens and loosens it but how do you know where it is supposed to be when it’s done?

2. I believe this hose from the rear brake is supposed to run up to the side of the block under the seat. Is this right? Is it for ventilation only? Here are some pictures.


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The method of how to adjust the rear brake is in the FSM if your unsure. There quite easy though, you want as little resistance as possible on the brake shoes but as little travel as possible at the lever, you just find that mid ground point between brake shoes rubbing and then back it off a half turn at a time until your happy.

Edit: The vent line runs up the frame to the front of the tank just behind the steering stem.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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