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2018 Rancher - Rear Brake Adjustment and Hose

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I just installed a swing stretch and obviously a few hoses are not long enough.

1. I reattached the rear brake cable. How do you adjust and how do you know when it’s perfect. I know the knob on the cable end tightens and loosens it but how do you know where it is supposed to be when it’s done?

2. I believe this hose from the rear brake is supposed to run up to the side of the block under the seat. Is this right? Is it for ventilation only? Here are some pictures.


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Honda service manual if you're going to wrench on it.

i'd agree with you 100% on this ^^^, but when it comes to mod's on atvs ?, every thing you do to them has an after effect !. folks just don't get this ! he put a swing arm stretch on his atv, by doing this, now the rear brake cable and vent line won't reach.
The rear brake cable will reach after loosening bracket by right knee but need to tweak it. The line from the rear brake is just for ventilation, right? I can run a new one of those if so.
yep, line is for venting the rear brake panel.
instead of buying the line from honda ( which is high dollar ! ) go to wally world ( Walmart ) buy some air pump line ( for fish tanks ), I think its 7mm ?, works just as good, and cheaper !.
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