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2018 Rancher - Exhaust Adjustment

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The exhaust came off of the two mounting brackets at the top of the rear end and looks like it got shoved forward towards the front. How do it pull it back into the brackets? It’s riding up against the left side plastic down by my foot so I need to get it pulled over a little and back into place. Here are some photos.


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It is a new 2018 bike @shadetree but he has already modded it with oversize tires that rubbed the fenders front and rear... added a stretched swingarm to relieve the rear tires rub... probably has trimmed the front fender by now to clear the rubbing front tires... rerouted the stock length rear brake cables to reach the rear brake backer, knocked the exhaust off it somehow... that muffler clamp doesn't look OEM stock...? trying to replumb the rear diff & rear brakes vent hoses... probably gonna need a big GR any minute now... etc. I think what Sam was alluding to was the warranty might have been voided by now...? :)
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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