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I bought 2 of TRX420FA6 ATVs last October, took them to the dunes about 6 times before it got too cold, and pulled them out for the first time this season about 4 weeks ago. As soon as I got them to my local riding area, one of them (the one I always ride) failed to shift and the gear display showed a "-". The only way to shift the ATV after that was to turn it off and back on, then switch from Auto to ESP, then sequence through all the gears until it finally found N. Once there, I switched back to Auto mode and was fine for about 30 minutes, then it did it again. I took it to the dealer for my 100 mi service last week and reported the shift issue, and they said that the computer reported a "mis-shift" and to keep an eye on it. Took it to the canyons on Saturday, and it did it to me again.

I need to know if this is a sensor issue, a mechanical failure, or whatever, because the dealer didn't take any action last week to remedy the fault and I'd like to have more information about this so I can make sure I get the repairs done while these things are still under warranty...or worse case, just deal with a bad Honda engineering issue.

Does anyone know what causes this behavior?
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