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2017 Rubicon IRS EPS parts

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Now I asked about upgrades and other accessories.. I'm not sure if I'm getting a good deal or not on these items or I can find a simpler solution.

This is all in Canadian Dollars:

Labour $450
Tax: $470

33-04000 - Bronco Classic Box Standard: $359.99
47-89030 - Vantage 3000 Winch: $464.39
177110 - Winch Bracket (Fuse): $92.66
Factory tires refund $100 (They'll take my factory tires for $100 off my hands): -$100
473297 - Fender Protector W/O Pegs Honda TRX 500: $189.85
973899 - Fender Protector Foot Peg(Pair): $44.95
0320-0458 - Tires - 26x9-12 6PR TW358 Slingshot XT FRT AMS: $268.73
0320-0459 Tires - 26x11-12 6PR TW358 Slingshot XT RR AMS: $296.73
120524 - Utility Trailer Moose(Solid Steel heavy duty trailer for the atv): 532.95

I believe is all for the click n go plow setup, not even sure if it comes with the plow:
373974 - Chassis Pelle CNG 1 VTT(Square Tube): $302.35
171171 - 03-05 TZFR6 black Windscr????: $62.95
273207 - Attache Pelle CNG 1 VTT Hon TRX500: $162.85
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OK< a few things to me seem like your being ROBBED
they will give you 100 bucks for a set of NEW tires on the atv?? thats's NUT,'s you can sell them for twice that in a quick sale! scamming you
MOST dealers will swap to a different sized tires, for JUST the added costs over the original set,a s they are still NEW and they can resell them, of if your getting new wheels, they will sell complete set as tale off's
next winch?
if all you need a winch for is plowing,thats a little over kill?
WARN"S are GREAT winches, but IMO< and many others OVER Priced!
you can get a superwinch and install it yourself(there easy to do) for about half what they will charge you !
as for that snow plow, never heard of it, so cannot say anything about it
I personally wouldn;'t get it, my logic is this, when you need parts, off name brand plows are a LOT harder to find parts for, from simple skids to wear bars to??
and many smaller company's are here today and GONE down the road!
and agan , since that is a MID mount design I gather, that is also super simple to install yourself, and can save you some labor charges
NO special tools or skills needed

I would also think the rear box is also simple to install yourself

Get on EBAY, and other ATV sites and PRICE things, odds are you will find them cheaper
BUT I don';t live in Canada, so cannot say what one's offer free shipping to you or not, which MIGHT make a difference some what on some things
MOST times dealers charge MORE for parts and accessories
in today's world it pays to SHOP about and price search before buying

so if it was me, I'd be installing most things myself and I am NO skilled MR fix it here
did my own plow and winch and found it easy, and lots of folks here will always help you if needed

your take off tires should sell for about 250+ pretty quick on craigslist locally for you! as an example on things!
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