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Taking on Carolina Adventure World in a Pioneer

While most Side-by-Sides on the market today fit explicitly into either the Sport or Utility category, there are a growing number of middle of the road UTVs offering characteristics that will appeal to both audiences. One such example is the 2017 Honda Pioneer 700-4.

Upon initial inspection, the Pioneer might appear primarily utilitarian in design. However, its ability to transform from a full on workhorse into a multi passenger recreational vehicle carries a hint of a sporty vibe.

For that reason, we skipped the farm and headed straight for the trails of Carolina Adventure World (CAW) to give our newly acquired Honda Pioneer 700-4 a workout. Team Charlotte Motorsports in Charlotte, NC had the machine prepped and ready for us and CAW was just a quick hour’s drive beyond.

Check out the article here: 2017 Honda Pioneer 700-4 Review: Trail Ride -
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