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2017 Foretrax Rubicon Deluxe DTC ESP IRS

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Picked it up yesterday!


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Love the colour. Enjoy the new machine.
That is a great color combination. Enjoy the ride...
Congrats! I'm happy for you. I loved the experience of purchasing a brand new Honda. That is a gorgeous quad you have there. I bought mine 2016 Rancher 4x4 DCT EPS in December of 2015, and this past weekend I hit 1840 miles on it. I've loved it. No complaints. Hope yours is just as good to you.
Hello and welcome to the forum.
Rubicon! Oh Yeah!!!:icon_ rocker:
Diggin' that Ecoboost 150 in the background, too:)
Thanks. The EcoBoost happens to be the same color at the Rubicon.
Be sure to give an update on the DTC. Thanks.
Nice looking rig :icon_ rocker:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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