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Hi all,

I’m thinking about buying a leftover, new, 2017 Foreman 500 with electric shift and power steering. It has 0 miles, a thin coating of dust from sitting inside on the sales floor for two years ("un-serviced for delivery," whatever that means), an undesirable color (vapor white), a full factory warranty, and an $800.00 Honda rebate.

I recall reading years ago that leftovers that sit un-used for long durations can suffer damage from seals drying out and other problems. The salesman poo-pooed this idea, of course. Is there any just cause to avoid long-term leftovers?

The $800.00 in Honda money can be used to reduce the $8199.00 MSRP. As the NADA average retail for a used 2017 is $6500.00--and I understand that this atv is not used and comes with a factory warranty--do you think I’ll have any success offering the dealer less than $7400.00 (to compensate for the massive depreciation)?

Thanks for sharing your experience. This may be my first atv.

Lowtide (two parts Allen’s Coffee Brandy and one part clam juice, garnish with dulse)
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