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2017/2018 TRX500 and TRX420 build quality

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Hope you guys are doing well. I'm looking for some advice on buying a either a new Rancher, Rubicon, or another brand. Our uses are primarily going to be broadcast spraying/spot spraying, hauling firewood/mulch/fence rails, and general chores around the farm. I've read that the build quality of Honda isn't where it once was and am looking for input on what my best long term options if I have $7-10k to spend and am valuing long term reliability as one of the most important factors in the purchase. Thanks for the input!
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Honda is still one of the best built ATVs on the market... and still built in South Carolina... They are not the biggest/baddest/fastest ATV out there... but they are one of the most reliable. The other option I would look at would be a Yamaha Grizzly/Kodiak.

Honda makes the Rancher and Foreman in standard foot shift (nothing to go wrong), ES (Electric Shift) , & DCT (Selectable Automatic/Electric Shift)... also w/ or w/o EPS (Electronic Powersteering), and solid rear axle or IRS (Rancher DCT IRS or Foreman Rubicon)..

If you are wanting something super reliable.. I would look at the 420cc Rancher or 500cc (really a 476cc) Foreman 4x4 w/ solid rear axle and manual transmission.. and decide if you want Power Steering or not... These can be had for the $6000-7000 pretty easily

Another great option would be the Rincon 680... the 680cc engine coupled to the 3 speed auto on these is nearly bullet proof... but no Power Steering option on these things for some reason??? But the pricing will be near the top of your budget...

If you are wanting a reliable problem free ATV.. I would steer clear of Polaris, Can Am, and especially Arctic Cat!!!
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Just like cars.. the more creature comfort options + electronics that you start adding.. the more parts there are that are able to fail..

And it seems that people don't have the same respect for their (or their daddy's) possessions... So they tend to get abused a lot more than they used to. The older I get.. the less I tend to abuse my things...
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