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This unit has me and the dealer baffled. See notes below. Looking to see if others have dealt with similar issue.

Replaced kill switch / electric shift assembly Replaced CDI Replaced coil Replaced battery Replaced pulse generator / stator (dealer) Replaced control unit (black box up front) Tested regulator rectifier with another Recon 250 (I also own a TRX250TM same year) Replaced spark plug Replaced starter This has been an ongoing issue for several months. Once I went through the above items and determined it must be the pulse generator, I sent it to the dealer for that repair as I dont have the tools. The dealer changed the pulse generator and still no spark. They had the unit for 3 months and could not figure out why either. I paid them for what they had done and brought the unit home. At this point the two things I am considering is replacing the key switch, or replacing the wire harness. I thought before doing so I would get another opinion, maybe something is still being overlooked. All the fuses have been checked and rechecked. I am fair with a multi meter, but not an expert.
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