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2016 rubi bogging down in water

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I just bought a 2016 rubi. I had it out for the first time and I noticed when I would go into some water about shin deep it would get through but it seemed to bog down. I had it full throttled it just seemed like the power gets restricted when you’re going through mud/water. It was a little better when I had it in low but it would still bog down on me. Any suggestions on an add on or performance chip to counteract it from doing this? Everything is stock on the machine right now
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You say everything is stock, does that include tyres? It shouldn’t bog down to bad in shin deep mud/water it should rev out great if your in the right gear. Has it been serviced recently, air filter and fuel filters are clean?

Is this your first Honda? If yes what brand ATV did you have before this? Honda’s aren’t power houses and never have been, is there a possibility your expecting to much from this machine?
Coming from a CanAm is a HUGE power loss, that will take you a while to get used to. In 2nd gear on stock tyres though you should be able to spin them quite easily. Do you get similar power loss in mud rather than water?
It’s also very easy to bog a stock Honda especially in that ‘peanut butter’ type mud.

MRBB offered good advice above too
I think a Rubicon is about 33hp. I’ve very little experience with the rubi’s, @mac102004 has one and is quite knowledgeable with tuning etc
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