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2016 rubi bogging down in water

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I just bought a 2016 rubi. I had it out for the first time and I noticed when I would go into some water about shin deep it would get through but it seemed to bog down. I had it full throttled it just seemed like the power gets restricted when you’re going through mud/water. It was a little better when I had it in low but it would still bog down on me. Any suggestions on an add on or performance chip to counteract it from doing this? Everything is stock on the machine right now
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personally I think your having an electrical issue
when you play in the water, even shallow water , water can get splashed up and into electronic, like there connections and then that will play games with things running
to help resolve this, what you need to do is disconnect all electrical connections and add dielectric grease to all connection

and next and HIGHLY recommend this, you will want to be re locating all vent lines so they will not let water into things, and if you want to play in the water a snorkel might be a good idea
ATV's are NOT made to be run in water, water riding will HIGHLY increase the wear and tear factor on your atv's parts, bearings seals, joints will ALL wear out faster as water and dirt mix and make sandpaper on metal moving parts, water has a way of pushing dirt and grit into places it shouldn't be and the more water you ride in the faster it tends to get things in places it shouldn;t be
ALSO< water playing also leads to SUCK motors, WAY more often than you think
video's on Youtube don't show most of the costs and up keep for folks to ride them that way
atv's are NOT boats by any means!
yes there off road vehicles, but again, HOW you ride them GREATLY contributes to how long the last! as do PM's
your ATV your money
enjoy as you want!

but odds are again, water is drowning out a electrical connection and causing motor running issue's is my guess here!
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