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2016 rubi bogging down in water

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I just bought a 2016 rubi. I had it out for the first time and I noticed when I would go into some water about shin deep it would get through but it seemed to bog down. I had it full throttled it just seemed like the power gets restricted when you’re going through mud/water. It was a little better when I had it in low but it would still bog down on me. Any suggestions on an add on or performance chip to counteract it from doing this? Everything is stock on the machine right now
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Yea the tires are stock too. I’m planning on getting some mud lites soon. The machine was serviced right before I got it. This is my first Honda. I had a 06 can am outlander 800 before this. I wouldn’t think it should bog down either. I tried with the esp on and kept it in second and it was a little better. When I had it in auto it would go but just really slowly crawl through the water.
I was reading about that dielectric grease. Looks like I’ll have to do that. I wanted to do a snorkel too. I know the risks of playing in the water/mud. It’s just the kind of riding I like to do. I’m not in it all the time but if I see a mud hole I usually don’t avoid it lol.
Yea I know it’s a huge power difference the can am had 78hp and I believe I’m under 50 in the rubi. In mud it seems to go fine. It’s when I’m in water that it bogs down. I’ve been looking at that big gun gas controller any experience with using one of those?
Thanks Sam I sent him a message
1 - 5 of 9 Posts
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