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This question has generated lots of discussions in the not too distant past; there are many different opinions and a search will bring you to many of those threads.

I'm agnostic in terms of brand; as long as it's a quality setup, you should be OK. Others feel differently.

I bought my 2016 Rancher 420 4WD as a used machine and it already had the plow and winch on it. I bought it primarily for snow handling as I have a 500 foot gravel driveway.

My machine has a Warn 50" Provantage Plow with 2000lb Warn winch. Steel cable. Manual side-to-side angle adjustment. Front mount setup. This past winter was my first winter using an ATV and plow for snow handling and it was a light snow season for us. Really only two instances where there was enough snow to push, and even at that, not very much. I used those opportunities to get the feel of the machine. Some thoughts:

- I wish the blade was a bit wider, but it's satisfactory. I've seen some threads where others put blades on their machines up to 60" wide. The advantage to that added width is that it moves a bigger swath of snow when the blade is angled. My 50" blade is just barely wider than the machine when it's set straight across. When it's angled at the max, it's narrower than the machine. That hasn't been a big problem for me so far, but I probably won't use it much at max angle anyway.

- Front springs don't seem as strong as I would like for the plow setup. I store the machine with the plow lowered. When I pick it up to go out, the front really sinks, almost to the point of bottoming out the springs. To be sure, the rear springs on the machine seem weak as well. I put 140 pounds of sand on the back during the winter to help out with traction. I don't know if a mid-mount setup would help with this or not. Others may chime in.

- I don't know where you live, but you might consider equipping the machine with heated hand grips if it doesn't already have them. May not seem macho, but I've learned over the years that if I can keep my hands and feet warm, then my ability to be out in the cold for hours on end is greatly enhanced. Your hands will be stationary while plowing and that will make it harder to keep them warm.

Here's a link to a thread in the General Discussion forum that I think is very informative:

Good luck.

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yes do a search here about plows and you will, find a ton of GOOD info, I know I posted a LOT of it LOL
and yes a 60 inch blade is the diea size for a ATV, as at full angle its ONLY about 53 inches wide, NOT a lot wider than your tires, and , when SNOW is deep, you NEED full angle to PUSH thru it, s it deflects it and takes load off the front end of things, making plowing easier on ALL things,

there are pro's and con's to ALL plow designs, again covered in other treads

I am partial to MOOSE plows, as I have seen the abuse I have giving mine over the past almost 20 yrs and its been super an still works as good as it did day one, and I use it ton MANY things I am NOT supposed to!

a LOT IMO comes down to HOW Much snow you tend to get and need to plow
MID mounts are strongest set ups and cheapest, by MOST all makers

I say a winch to lift is the WAY to go, hand lifts grow OLD fast and electric and hydraulic steps get sure costly fast and not really needed if your of able body, YES 110% NICE to have, but for the price?? have to say NO!

again, do a search here on plows and you will find all the info you will want and more!
including how, many times, HD springs are needed on the front end to support a plow!
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