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2016 Rancher ES No Spark

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2016 rancher es no spark .7 volts at the pgm-fI from the ckp sensor, Checked grounds and battery voltage to the pgm-fl. Checked relays, ign coil, diodes, battery voltage to the coil, ignition switch, stop switch. Continuity to all mentioned components. Battery voltage to the coil (BL/R). No voltage between the primary connectors at the coil while cranking. Fuel pump and injector cycles fine when the key is turned on. Initially the engine would run for about 7 minutes and shut down, either driving or just sitting in the shop. Since I’ve started working on it I’ve got a no spark condition 100% of the time. Bought a new pgm-fI on eBay (mistake, because the package was open but a 100% seller) The one weird thing is that when the ignition switch is turned on I get two blinks from the check engine light. About 1/2 second each about 2 seconds apart. Not a code to the best of my reasoning. Manual says two seconds ck engine light then the code sequence. Same scenario with both PGM’s. GRRRRRRR!
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I do not... Does the Bank angle sensor check OK?
Then that leaves the trigger as the most likely fault since the coil is energized.
Do ya gotta replace the entire stator to replace that CKP? If so, I would check where the harness exits the motor case through the rubber grommet for a broken wire. Might get lucky.
Check out for a guaranteed, good used stator assembly. PSN are honest and helpful folks, I buy a lot of parts from them, and they are running a 33% off Labor Day sale beginning on Friday. :)


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