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2016 Rancher ES No Spark

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2016 rancher es no spark .7 volts at the pgm-fI from the ckp sensor, Checked grounds and battery voltage to the pgm-fl. Checked relays, ign coil, diodes, battery voltage to the coil, ignition switch, stop switch. Continuity to all mentioned components. Battery voltage to the coil (BL/R). No voltage between the primary connectors at the coil while cranking. Fuel pump and injector cycles fine when the key is turned on. Initially the engine would run for about 7 minutes and shut down, either driving or just sitting in the shop. Since I’ve started working on it I’ve got a no spark condition 100% of the time. Bought a new pgm-fI on eBay (mistake, because the package was open but a 100% seller) The one weird thing is that when the ignition switch is turned on I get two blinks from the check engine light. About 1/2 second each about 2 seconds apart. Not a code to the best of my reasoning. Manual says two seconds ck engine light then the code sequence. Same scenario with both PGM’s. GRRRRRRR!
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Ohmed out the CKP and got nada. Open circuit. My 2010 showed 270 ohms. Looks like you are right. Fun fun fun.
Hi: Those newer bikes use a Hall Effect Sensor -- You can't test it with a ohm meter -- use a Peak Voltage adapter -- you should read 0.7 volts DC
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