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2016 Rancher engine light.

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I have two issues that id live some help on. I have 2106 Rancher with 105 miles with 79 hours on . I think this is why my dash had a wrench with a #1 on it. 2nd, my check engine light is on. This flashes on the right habd side of the dash. Is this the same issues with two warnings?

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So the oil and filter has been changed. No wrench symbol. The O2 issue, code 23 ( 2 slow flashes, 3 quick ones), had an interesting twist. I started it today and drove it normally after grabbing the sensor wires and the engine light went off.
This is the second for me. I drive very few miles in regard to the hours I have on the machine.
The wrench is the service indicator.... It means it is time for the first oil change.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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