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2016 Honda Recon - No Spark

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Good evening, my son was out riding his quad tonight and it just died on him while riding. I pulled his back with my Rancher and thought it would be something simple. I thought he simply ran it out of gas and nope it was half full. So I started checking to see if he had spark. I pulled the spark plug out and grounded it to the block and no spark. So working on cars in my free time I am thinking this isn't much different than any other no start condition I have fixed over the years and thought it was the coil. I don't believe in just throwing parts at something and thought I should check to make sure I am getting voltage to the coil. I pulled the 2 wires off and nothing to the coil. These are my first two ATVs I have ever owned. I should be getting 12 volts to the coil right? Is there something that I am missing in the ignition system besides the coil that would cause a no spark condition? I have read about the kill switch being off and some people over looking it. The quad is in Neutral, and I do get the green Neutral light. Is there something I am missing here? I haven't been able to locate a download for the service manual. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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