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2016 Honda Rancher 420 Clutch Problems

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I got a 2016 Honda Rancher 420 4x4 with the DCT transmission. I’m running 28” Outlaw 2s and didn’t have any problems when I originally got it used with the current setup. Recently here I’ve been having problems turning the tires when I get into thicker mud and when I get hung up on roots on what not. What could be causing the issue or what could help it? From my research I’ve seen clutch spring kits help with it. But I was wondering if maybe the clutch weights or disks were getting worn out from repetitively bogging down and not being able to turn the tires.
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There are no clutch kits for the dct just the fs models, are you in low range when its giving you problems?
I'd try a clutch adjustment, but it sounds like your big tires are killing your clutch fast
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