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2016 Honda 420

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Spark issues..... has really good spark when you first hit the start button and then there’s nothing for about 2-3 seconds what can it be
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Brand new battery , spark plug and spark plug cap
It was running this winter and when I tired starting it this spring it won’t start
Cleaned all the posts off unplugged the ECM plugged it all back in and still nothing ... I tried the ecm from the broke down quad on a different quad it runs with it I tired the coil and cap as well they all work on a different quad ....can it be a stator issue ???
It does have a pull cord on this unit ....
Wouldn’t you think It would have sheared off awhile ago .. it has 9500km on it
Thanks for all the advise I fixed the problem .... replaced the stator and working fine
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1 - 7 of 15 Posts
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