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2016 420 winch mount plate help

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I have a 2016 420 rancher foot shift..solid axle..4x4. I received a badlands 2500 lb winch (harbor freight)..for a gift. Having some trouble findinf the correct mounting plate for it..or at least one that specifically says it will work.

If anyone has any info that would be helpful it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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I just replaced a champion winch and replaced it with a warn.

The plate must be Rancher specific, and will have standard holes drilled. My champion winch only had two center bolts holding it down, my warn used the 4 standard bolts.

Also, if you have a fat winch, you will need to slightly cut one of the front supports. I ended up adding a brace up front to keep it sturdy.

This is my plate that was on the Rancher:
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