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2016 420 Rancher 4x4

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Hi all,
I bought a 2016 Rancher new, it has 118 hrs and 434 miles on it. I just did the second oil and filter change, and changed the oil in both differentials for the first time. The machine has an easy life, it’s never seen mud, or water, I use it mainly for my long range shooting, putting out and taking in my targets. Also it’s keeps the grandkids quiet as I take them for rides on it when they come out, and on occasion I’ll bundle and tow trimmed tree branches to the burn pit with it. When I dropped the oil in the differentials I thought it would look new, but instead it was a blackish green color, and NO steel shavings. Is that color normal for the first time oil change on the differentials?
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Diff oils usually go black ish quite quickly, they also show signs of air in the way of small air bubbles which gives the illusion of the oil being gray in color at times.

Don't worry about oil color, if you stick to the maintenance schedule you won't go wrong :)
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