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2015 TRX 500 FE wont shift, no code

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Sorry if this has been gone over in other threads, I searched but couldn't find anything.

Bike was parked in working order, shifted into neutral. Started it up and no shift. I pulled the shift motor, tested it on 12V as per service manual, motor is fine. It doesn't get a signal. Tested continuity from shift buttons to PCM, it's good. Power from shift buttons to PCM checks out. So signal is going to PCM, but not going to shift motor. Replaced PCM. Still nothing. Power to shift angle sensor at 5V as per spec. Voltage and resistance varies when rotating angle sensor hub. But... shouldn't the angle sensor be spring loaded? It rotates freely in circles. Could this be the problem? But why no DTC?
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Have you tried boosting it, battery might be weak, mine reads 13.2v usually
Battery is good, 12.8V at rest, over 13V running.
Manual shift tool works. I have the shift motor removed but plugged in.When I disconnect the shift motor harness from the PCM and jump power into the plug to the motor it turns over fine.
Tomorrow I should have a new angle sensor and will try that.
So with the shift motor removed but plugged in, the shift buttons do not activate the motor.
That means the PCM is in error mode, or it does not work. Since you replaced the PCM (at great expense?), the new one should work. So that leaves the wiring.
The wires from the PCM to the shift motor could be cut, or grounded.
The serial data link wire from the PCM to the Display could be bad. That would explain no error code.
Unfortunately, even if you knew the error code, it may not help fix the problem. The PCM sometimes gets confused.

I have a PCM bypass kit that will fix your problem. It will act just like the manual shift tool as far as the PCM is concerned.
The wires from PCM to shift motor are good, continuity checks out, I powered the shift motor through that harness from the PCM end. If the new angle sensor doesn't solve the issue, I may be contacting you for the bypass kit.
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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