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2015 TRX 500 FE wont shift, no code

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Sorry if this has been gone over in other threads, I searched but couldn't find anything.

Bike was parked in working order, shifted into neutral. Started it up and no shift. I pulled the shift motor, tested it on 12V as per service manual, motor is fine. It doesn't get a signal. Tested continuity from shift buttons to PCM, it's good. Power from shift buttons to PCM checks out. So signal is going to PCM, but not going to shift motor. Replaced PCM. Still nothing. Power to shift angle sensor at 5V as per spec. Voltage and resistance varies when rotating angle sensor hub. But... shouldn't the angle sensor be spring loaded? It rotates freely in circles. Could this be the problem? But why no DTC?
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Hi Silver how did you go with the angle sensor. Did that solve your problem?
I am having the same problem with my bike at the moment and I have checked everything, continuity of all cables, angle sensor resistance, power to the angle sensor, shift motor on separate power supply, put my PCM in neighbours bike and that works perfect in his bike..... I'm starting to tear my hair out
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