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2015 Rancher Power Steering issue

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Hello all. I have a 2015 Honda Rancher TRX420FA6. I purchased it at a good price but it was definitely in an accident. The plastics don't line up well but it rides straight. When I got it the power steering light was on and it did not work. I did the reset procedure and it worked perfectly. Then I hit a rock with the tire pretty hard and the light came back on and P.S went out on me. I reset it , it works until I hit a rock again or there is a heavy load on the front end and I try to steer.
Any ideas where I should start? I want to fix it for good.
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I have not... when I jump out the connector to do the reset I noticed the PS light flashing a sequence. 2 slow flashes followed by 3 quick flashes if I remember correctly.
I have read that people get a "23" code on the check engine light and the maintenance light. Mine is flashing on the PS light. Does that mean anything? I can't seem to get a service manual to download. Should I just buy one?
If It had a bad fuse. It wouldn't work at all correct? I can reset it and it works until the steering encounters too much resistance. Then the PS light comes on , power steering stops working. I need some ideas..
1 - 4 of 6 Posts
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