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2015 rancher hard abrupt shifts in auto mode

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My rancher klunks and shifts with a hard jerk and you can hear a loud shift also. any ideas?
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I don't have a service manual. Is the tp sensor the throttle position sensor, and is the vs the angle sensor ? The engine rpm does not rise and the power doesn't fall off either. How do I check for DTC codes? Sorry I am not too familiar with the newer models. My old ranchers I just drove and drove. Thank you
Check Retro's post again. There's a link there to a free factory service manual.

I have an 09 DCT I rebuilt for the wife. In my experience all of these shift hard, but some things can really make it worse.

What kind of oil are you running?

Do you have a gear reduction of any kind in it (running bigger tires)?

Did you buy the bike new or used?

I know in the 17 and up Rubicon DCT's Honda changed the shifting mapping in the ECU because so many people where complaining about hard shifts. On the 15-16 Rubicons you can have the ECU reflashed with the new shift map, or you can simply swap in a 2017 ECU.

Unfortunately I don't think they have done the same remap on the Rancher ECU's. Reason I mentioned it is to point out that until they do, hard shifting on the DCT Ranchers is an inherent flaw in the design and there isn't currently a fix for it.

That said, improper oil will make it shift harder, as will adding a gear reduction. If any of the speed sensors are iffy that will do it too.

Download the free Factory Service Manual that Retro linked to and look in the troubleshooting section under transmission.
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