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2015 Rancher DCT Automatic Oil Level

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So I recently purchased a used 2015 Rancher AT (DCT automatic) 4x4. It had 1.9 hours and 18 miles on it. Not the IRS model. I've been researching threads to answer my question, with no luck. Here goes...

If I let it idle 3-5 minutes and sit for a few minutes and check the oil level on the dipstick (on level ground and not screwing dipstick in), I get no oil on the dipstick. I've tried multiple times and never get oil on the stick anywhere. Now, if I go out first thing in the morning, oil reads okay. But the manual says to check after it's been idling. After idling, the oil level is up to the filler hole on the right side of the case but not reading on the stick. Is this normal? Is it low? I feel like it's low on oil from the factory because others get correct readings after the warm up procedure. But I don't want to overfill. I wanted to run it until the first scheduled maintenance but am a little concerned now.

I found threads that stated the same kind of things but no one ever clarified it really well. Can anyone help out? Should it be checked hours after letting it idle or is the level 3 minutes afterwards (not even on my dipstick) the correct level? It's very confusing. Of course, I could drain it, change the filter, and out 3.8 qts in myself to see how it looks, but now I'm curious until I get time to do that (maybe this weekend).

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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So tonight I drained it. Only 3 quarts came out, and I drained it very well. It was purchased from an individual who had never done anything to it, even riding it very much obviously.

I changed the filter and put 3.8 qts of new oil in it. Went through the normal warmup procedure and got a normal reading after it was cut off for 3 minutes. Given that, it was definitely low on oil from the factory.

Now my question is, how much do you think being .8 qts low for 50 miles would have hurt it. My friend has a similar machine with about the same amount of usage and his runs a little quieter than mine. I believe it's valve ticking that I can hear on mine, where his is quiet on the top end. I'm sure it's okay, but curious if anyone knows how critical thing could have been to any internal engine parts.
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