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2015 Rancher 4X4 ES Code 23

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I was out this weekend for a ride during hunting and my check engine light is on. It blinks slow twice and then three quick ones. Any thoughts? i was looking around for a service manual for 2015 but there doesnt seem to be any on here. Seems to be running fine. Thank you for any help.
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Code 23 is the Oxygen sensor heater, voltage low or high if I remember right. You can use the 2014 Rancher service manual to diagnose it. There are a few simple tests to make insuring that the O2 sensor is in-circuit and receiving voltage, then you'll be instructed to replace it.

This is a very common issue on the newer Ranchers and Foremans for two primary reasons:

1) If the fuel you put in the tank contains any ethanol and stays in the tank for 30 days or more before being completed consumed, the O2 sensor gets coated with rotted fuel due to incomplete combustion of that junk. Ethanol laced fuel takes out the wimpy fuel pump eventually too.

2) The bike is stored for a long period of time with any grade/quality of fuel remaining in the tank. Run it completely dry before storing it. The chintzy fuelpump won't last long if stored with fuel in it either.

Let us know how it goes...
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