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2015 Foreman Oil Change Mess

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When I drain engine oil on my 2015 Foreman, all goes well until towards the end of the drain. Once the stream of oil slows down, it no longer goes cleanly through the hole in the skid plate. The result being that quite a bit of oil is deposited on the top of the skid plate. After the oil change is done, oil drips off the skid plate onto the floor for the next couple of days. I would like to avoid this and have one idea, but am open to others.

My thought was to make a short length of pipe that is threaded at one end with the same threads as the oil drain hole. I could screw it in the drain hole once the oil stream starts to be reduced. I might give this a try. Does anyone know what the thread size is in the drain hole? Does anyone have any other suggestions?
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if it were me ?, I would look for some kinda large rubber open doughnut thick enough to place between the skid plate and drain plug, this way no oil will drip on the skid plate.
I ordered one of these:

I may have to cut the hole a little larger, but it might work. Worth a try.
not solid enough, oil will seep right past it once it soaks a bit of oil up.
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