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My wife has a 2014 Foreman Rubicon. It has about 430 miles on it (yeah, worn out I know). I went out this evening to start it and move it around a bit just to circulate the fluids. I don't ride it much and she hasn't ridden it in a while BUT I noticed the shifter was just super sloppy. From Neutral to Reverse works fine - clicks in positively. From Neutral to Drive is like always - you have to push the button in, push the shifter forward into position and sorta rock the machine until the D lights up on the display. Problem is, once the D lights up, you can take a finger and move the shifter back and forth with very little effort and it will pop right back into Neutral. It'll move about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch either direction when in "D". It shifts to Low like Reverse - push the button and it clicks right in with a slight rocking of the machine.

Maybe I'm paranoid, but it just seems like D shouldn't be that loose and that easy to pop back into Neutral.

Any thoughts? Any way to tighten it up? I was able to look at the linkage as it connects to the transmission and everything looks tight, the wiggling of the shifter doesn't make the linkage wiggle down by the transmission so I believe the slop is in the top around the shifter itself.

Thanks in advance!
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