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I want to preface this post that both bikes move a lot of snow. I’ve just noticed some differences and I thought I’d share. I’m using the same 50” Moose blade with the mid bike mount kit. Both bikes had 2,500lb Warn winches. The Rancher had the steel cable and the Rubi has the synthetic cable.

Immediately upon lifting the blade with the winch on the Rubi I noticed the front of the bike doesn’t dive like it did on the Rancher. The springs/shocks are stiffer on the Rubi.

The in/out switch on the winch is mounted opposite on the Rubi from my Rancher. I suspect it will take me the rest of the year to get used to this. I should have thought about this as it’s driving me nut. I’m going to change it.

I plow in low range on the Rubi and I can move more snow, especially banks of snow without tire spin than I could with the Rancher without tire spin. I don’t run studs or chains. I suspect this is due to the Rubi being a heavier bike.

In like situations I don’t believe the cooling fan turns on as often as it did on the Rancher. When the fan did turn on, it didn’t stay on as long on the Rubi.

The headlight on the steering column on the Rubi is a huge benefit when plowing. When the blade is up I can see where I’m going.

When plowing the edges of my long driveway where the snow accumulates, the Rubi runs true and doesn’t get pushed around and I don’t need to correct like I did with the Rancher. I think this has to do with the additional weight of the Rubi.

I wouldn’t install a blade much bigger than 50” on a Rancher. It does fine with a 50” blade, but it does dive a lot more and is prone to get pushed around in deeper snow. I could run a larger blade than 50” on my Rubi without even thinking about it.

Again, both bikes move a lot and of snow. These are just some differences I’ve seen.

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I used my rubi at the start of the season when I was rebuilding the front diff on my king quad, it did plow good, but I didn't have the proper mount for the bike, ended up putting it all back on the 300 with the tire chains and thats where its going to stay, but probably by next year I'll have a plow mounted on the rubi also, the only problem I had with it was my lugs were too big and the chains become useless, for what I have to plow and for the types of snow we get I have a hard time going without tire chains for plowing, on the trails it's a different story...
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