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Does anyone know of a super strong hitch receiver that is available on the market?

We will be using a Groundhog Max disc plow on it, and have seen many reviews where the hitch bends upwards after use, and want to make sure that we get a hitch that can withstand the upward pressure.

Any recommendations?

2014 Honda Rubicon TRX500.


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I use the groundhog max too, for food plots. Check with strong made. Their hitches are top notch and what is on my 16 Rubi, specifically for the groundhog max. Here's a pic with my hitch and I'll post some pics of my 2acre plot done with the groundhog max and sprayer only. I grew soybeans, sunflower, lablab, etc the first year, then plowed it under and now in my first year of clover


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I will say this, its better for the hitch to bend up than damage the atv
Yes you can use an ATV to do food plots, been using one for making food plots up to 3 acre's in size for past 20 yrs now
BUT I will tell you this, there are WAY better CHEAPER tools that do the job better and faster by a HUGE margin and DON"T have the wear and tear that the atv ends up with
I would recommend ANYONE that is planning LONG term food plots on there hunting lands, BUY a small tractor, you and your atv will thank you
you will do 10 times more work in half the time
a decent tractor doesn't actually cost that much and the REAL farm implements used behind them are CHEAPER than the ATV implements
a decent tractor, like a IH< Model H, or a ford 8n or the likes can be had MANY times if you look for about a grand, a 8 ft disc can be had for about 400 bucks, spring tooth harrows can be had for 200 or less if you shop right, and they will OUT work an atv by a HUGE amount
there as simple as they come, 50+ yrs of proven reliability , and there are zillion of parts still for them, due to well, they WORK
you can have a full food plot tractor and implement for under 1500 bucks if you shop about!
a SMALL price to pay to have a REAL food plot machine set up!
sure you can spend more if you want,m but 1500 is a do able deal!
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