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2014 honda rancher won't start

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Ok I have a 2014 honda rancher 420 4x4 foot shift. I bought it knowing it wasn't running and the guy said its a bad or stuck open injector. I pulled the injector off and turned the key and fuel was dumping out of the fuel line. put the injector on the fuel line and it was spraying when I hit the start button. Changed the spark plug and it was getting plenty of spark. I have a second 420 that I took the ECM and mass air low sensor and O2 sensor off of the bike and didn't change anything. It will sputter when you try and start it while hitting the throttle so I think it something simple but not sure. I am new to EFI so I am looking for some help. Carbs are definitely easier to work on but on to EFI.
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it runs then shuts off 2 seconds later
Still back at square one then. Might be the injector, the CKP, fuel pump, jumped cam chain, sheared woodruff key, ECT sensor, IACV, TP... the list goes on. Check all that you can using a multimeter. Then read/dump codes. Initialize TP. Check the cam timing and the woodruff key. Electronics are fun, ehh? :)
well the motor is on time and compression so I know its not those things. I think I've narrowed it down to the TPS or the CKP so which should I do next
You never checked the cam timing or the woodruff key so don't rule them out yet. Your compression tests were all over the place too... the max reading should have been about 73 PSI due to the compression release mechanism on the end of the camshaft. That might be clue... or it might just be a junk gauge setup..?

As for whats next? As I said I'd be checking all of the electrical components with the multimeter, read stored codes, initialize the TP, etc. Electrical diagnosis proceeds very quickly and requires very little disassembly.

Then after eliminating everything electrical I'd check the cam timing and the woodruff key, since those require some disassembly.

I'm not a parts replacer, so I can't help you much while you're using that approach. I'll drop some more troubleshooting info here though... keep in mind that the ignition system and PGM-FI are inter-dependent on these bikes. Rule nothing out until tested/verified.


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Hate to be a bore but how exactly did you check the timing? Did you follow the FSM? Was timing absolutely smack bang on or out a little?

Honest opinion at this point.... Check your cam timing again.
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