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2014 honda rancher won't start

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Ok I have a 2014 honda rancher 420 4x4 foot shift. I bought it knowing it wasn't running and the guy said its a bad or stuck open injector. I pulled the injector off and turned the key and fuel was dumping out of the fuel line. put the injector on the fuel line and it was spraying when I hit the start button. Changed the spark plug and it was getting plenty of spark. I have a second 420 that I took the ECM and mass air low sensor and O2 sensor off of the bike and didn't change anything. It will sputter when you try and start it while hitting the throttle so I think it something simple but not sure. I am new to EFI so I am looking for some help. Carbs are definitely easier to work on but on to EFI.
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I did forget to mention that I did check the IACV with the one off of the running bike and that didn't change anything so im probably going to drain and clean the gas tank then move on to the other things you suggested. thanks for the help
cleaned gas tank and was old and dirty gas, and when you held the start button and the gas it would run until you let off the start button and it would die. the fuel pump was constantly pumping when you held the start button. trying to figure out what else could be wrong with it. don't really want to take it to honda to have it put on a computer but might be the last resort.
well I swapped the fuel pump off of a running bike and I've cleaned the throttle body and it is not throwing any code or check engine lights so at this point I am about out of ideas
I've never timed the new engines, so I know they have the plug on the crank case that shows the T but how do I make sure the cam is top dead center. Ive times older engines with the overhead cam
ok well this is probably a stupid question but I looked up ignition timing in the service manual and it showed using a timing light and having the bike running but how would I check that if its not running. Is it checking the coil or what? im just new to some of these electrical things so im trying to avoid messing up
ok so after I double check compression what should be my next move because I have heard a lot of different things from different people
well as I figured it has good compression, it averaged about 75, it read from 60-90 so average of about 75. So I guess its on to checking the timing, so the best way is to pull the access holes or to use a timing light?
oh yea, and I did test it multiple times and got the average number. sometimes it said 80-90 and sometimes it said 75 and sometimes 60-65
well its good on timing and compression, it pops and was sorta running when you hold the throttle so what else is in the fuel system that can be changed or checked
so my next options are the tps or ckp sensors, which one should I change next. It ran for a minute but it was running rough and I had to keep throttling it on and off the the throttle constantly. when I let off it killed and it would pop off after that but not quite as good, had to keep holding the starter button
it is wet and has a blackish tint to it
new plug and didn't fix it
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yep, im thinking its a sensor at this point
it runs then shuts off 2 seconds later
well the motor is on time and compression so I know its not those things. I think I've narrowed it down to the TPS or the CKP so which should I do next
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