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Can’t figure this one out y’all. James needs help getting his bike started 2014 Rancher 420 footshift and is joining the forum for help shortly to follow this post.
He sunk it but it started back up and rode out of the water. After turning it off it wouldnt start again.
He drained the water and oil out of the engine and gas tank.
It shows about 80lbs for compression.
It has spark by grounding it to the engine.
It has a new plug.
It won’t even caugh if you spray starting fluid in it. HOWEVER the very first time he sprayed guild in it, it started a tiny fire he put out but didn’t visibly do any damage.
Dielectric greased the ECU, stator, rectifier, coil, and all plugs on the throttle body.
No codes on the dash.
Here’s a pic if his compression.
Any ideas for testing anything?


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people drop their phone in the toilet, all the time.. i dont know why.
supposedly,, you can surround a phone in rice[dried], an it will help remove the moisture. that might help with the display.
fortunately, i were standing up, an my fingers barely touched the water, or that phone was a goner.
Hope its simple, with the moisture problem.
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