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2014 Honda foreman overheating

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I have a 2014 Honda foreman and within about 15 minutes of riding it'll start to over heat. I have the radiator relocated . I've replaced the thermostat and cleaned the radiator until it's clean as a whistle. I also checked the water pump on it, it seemed to be fine all the props were still in tack and is wasn't seized up . The fan comes on and will run pretty much the whole time. I did notice the hose coming out the top of the radiator will get hot and the hose on the bottom would be much cooler . I don't know what else to check . Anyone have any ideas . Thanks
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I'm not familiar with that particular thermostat, but can it be installed upside down?
Maybe thermostat is defective. Try running without it.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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