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2014 Honda foreman overheating

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I have a 2014 Honda foreman and within about 15 minutes of riding it'll start to over heat. I have the radiator relocated . I've replaced the thermostat and cleaned the radiator until it's clean as a whistle. I also checked the water pump on it, it seemed to be fine all the props were still in tack and is wasn't seized up . The fan comes on and will run pretty much the whole time. I did notice the hose coming out the top of the radiator will get hot and the hose on the bottom would be much cooler . I don't know what else to check . Anyone have any ideas . Thanks
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Yes the thermostat was OEM . All the hoses came with relocate . How do I check for air in the system ?
No it has a flat lip around the top where it sits in. Anyone know how to check for water in the system?
I've tried running it with out and still had the same problem I put a new one in on Monday and still no luck.
I haven’t tried it with the cap cracked I will try that out tomorrow. Thanks
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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