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2014 Honda Foreman ES EPS price check

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Hello all, I am looking at a used 2014 Honda Foreman. I was planning to purchase a new Honda Rancher, but this used machine came up in my searching and I want to see if it's as good a deal as I think it might be.

It's a red 2014 Honda Foreman ES EPS. It has 400 miles on it and 50 hours. It may include a winch and a plow as well, but I am not sure. They are in the pictures, but not in the description. The dealer is asking $5900, and with tax that comes to about $6300. I was thinking I might try to offer $6000 (or maybe less) out the door.

Do you think this is a good price? From looking online at similar age machines it seems good to me. And if it comes with the plow and winch it seems better! I am in Indiana, and the ATV is in Ohio. Thanks in advance for the advice!
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