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2014 foreman 500FM

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I am looking at a used foreman 500. Before i looked at it i tried to download a owners manual. Could not find one. I have been able to go to the atv manufacturers website and download them before, but this is a first time i tried to do it for a honda atv.
so if anyone has an owners manual, please pass it on. i already have the service manual. i am just look for operating instructions.
after i looked at it, i had a few questions.
when you switch on 4wd, the icon takes about 15 seconds to display.
when you switch on the 4wd diff lock, the icon that normal
High beams dont work, does that happen often there is only 30 hours on it.
can someone explain the 2 brake levers, i think the one on the left is not hydraulic and is a little soft.
displays says "Lo" i assume the battery needs a charge
can i bring up a list of stored codes on the display
i see a wrench with a 1 next to it, i think thats a maintenance reminder
anything else i should check out on this atv before i submit an offer, boots look good, no frame cracks, doesnt appear to ever have been swamped

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Was it ever sunk, snorkeled or taken through deep water?

We have shop manuals here but they are best down loaded on a regular computer, not a phone.


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No snorkel. no evidence of it ever being sunk. airbox was clean and so was the rest of the atv
I have the 2012 Service Manual on a .pdf, I can e-mail it to you if that helps any.
The "lo" is the engine temp display, and heres a pic of the 4x4 pages from the owners manual


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Oh, and your left brake handle is a cable that leads down to the disc brake in the rear, cable and foot pedal both work the rear brakes
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