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2014 Foreman 4x4 will not engage

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2014 Foreman manual shift with power steering, the 4x4 will not engage. I have checked all the relays and diodes as well as a connections. The actuator will engage when you put 12volts to it. The handlebar switch is new and there was a problem with the power steering and the ecm was replaced. The power steering works now but 4x4 still don't. The bike had both of these problems when it was brought to me. Thanks for any ideas that anyone may have.
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The switch has 12v to it but the Black / green wire which I believe is from the permission relay has no voltage. I have downloaded the manual but the wiring schematic portion with the wire designation is blurry and am unable to tell wire color code. Thanks for the reply
I believe that I have found the problem, the pull back relay is not functioning as it should. Thanks for all the replies.
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