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2014 420es shifter problem

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2014 420es electric shift stopped working after 30 minutes of light riding. No clicking noise from solenoid at all. Let it sit for 30 minutes and it will shift up but not back down. It made a light click at first then nothing. The gear indicator blinks 1-1-2
Meaning flash once then again then 2 real fast. I don’t ride it hard mainly use it for property maintenance. I did buy it used though. Any help would be appreciated.
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Well after letting it sit for 45 minutes it started working. I started using it again and it stopped again after 15 minutes mostly idling and it did it again. I did however notice the temp light was on at this point. I currently have it shut of but fan running to cool it down. I am now thinking it maybe it is doing it from running hot. After it cools down I will check the water.
Well it cooled down and started working again. Don’t know why all of a sudden it’s overheating. Radiator full, oil full and fan working. It sat for a week but that’s it. Anyone have a insight on this?
Thank you. I will check it out
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