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2013 trx400x second gear issue?

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Sup guys just got an issue picked up this 2013 trx400x for 750$. Yeah thats not a typo. got it running and second gear is acting up. Theres a rattling clunking type sound coming from the bottom end clutch cover side. Pull in the clutch lever it goes away. Itll go into second but makes a clunking sounds and it bucks a little. idling in neutral youll hear a clunk and chain will jump (barely) but enough to notice. 1st 3rd 4th 5th are all good, drained oil checked for shavings whole 9 yards. on uneven surfaces such as a trail itll take a second to get it into first, but i rode it all day pretty hard and didnt have an issue besides not using second. thinking shifter fork? just looking for advice and costs on average
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bad shifter fork ?, bad shift drum ?, bad gear dogs ?, who knows ?..UNTIL YA OPEN IT UP !. why would you ride it with it messed up, and cause more damage ????.
and before you say '' shade..i think its the clutch ?! '' , no..its not the clutch, or it would not even run period until you fixed the clutch.
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Getting deployed in a week so if i blew it up it wouldve been sitting regardless. while its apart im just gonna 440 big bore the thing if and when you get back ( I surely hope you do ! ), then go at it all in !. that will be the time to inspect everything :). p.s. thank you for your service to our great country !!.
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