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2013 trx400x second gear issue?

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Sup guys just got an issue picked up this 2013 trx400x for 750$. Yeah thats not a typo. got it running and second gear is acting up. Theres a rattling clunking type sound coming from the bottom end clutch cover side. Pull in the clutch lever it goes away. Itll go into second but makes a clunking sounds and it bucks a little. idling in neutral youll hear a clunk and chain will jump (barely) but enough to notice. 1st 3rd 4th 5th are all good, drained oil checked for shavings whole 9 yards. on uneven surfaces such as a trail itll take a second to get it into first, but i rode it all day pretty hard and didnt have an issue besides not using second. thinking shifter fork? just looking for advice and costs on average
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I agree with shade. Until you pull it apart and split cases we are just guessing. How does reverse work? There was a recall on the 05 on the reverse interlock return spring. Being that you have a 2013 it will already be there but It is possible if that spring broke it could cause shifting issues. And there are a few instances i have heard of that that spring issue caused second gear issues. Not entirely sure why. Concidering reverse is one down from 1st gear. But i do know when that whole recall thing was happening they would go into reverse without turning the reverse lever. Just a thought. And thank you for your service! When you get back and start the build feel free to hit us up for questions.
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