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2013 Honda PFA Muffler Issues

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K i have 2013 420 PFA with 11529 Km on it ..
i have a ticking sound coming from the exhaust and yesterday i went out riding and all of sudden it sounds a bit louder now..
All the bolts seem to be tight same for the heat shield but when i hold the heat shield firmly with my hand it seems to go away slightly.

Could it be that i need new donuts front and middle or new muffler..

Or could it be that i need a valve job since it hasn't been done in over 7000 Km and it's not exactly the muffler the sound is coming from..
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there's has to be someone that hears the same irritated noise coming from the muffler...
Also did my valves and the noise when down a bit but still hear little tinkling noise from the muffler..
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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