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2013 Foreman

Was submerged in water/mud around a year ago is now smoking terribly. Sounds like it may have a knock in the lower end. While removing the piston I noticed a couple things that seemed unusual.

1. The piston rod seems to have a lot of side to side play.
2. There is discoloration that may be from heat on the crankshaft and piston rod.
3. The piston head itself seems really loose inside the cylinder wall.

Is this normal for an ATV?

Looking at the valves i'm thinking oil is going by the piston causing the smoking. Was planning on doing a new piston/rings job and a valve job as well. Any input would be greatly appreciated. This thing will literally smoke you out of the yard. As soon as you start it up. Here is a video for reference.


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I just done my 2002 450 , new crank , bearings , bored the upper , head job , new clutch , timing chain , etc and it was $700 worth of parts --------- looking at the inside of the wrist pin hole of the connecting rod , it looks ate up , side to side on the bottom end the rod is ok , it is the up and down , I think you are ready for the complete rebuild
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