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Okay,I have a friend who sunk his 2013 foreman in some swamp water over the racks. He did not cut the engine off when it went under,it cut off by its self, which as I know is not good at all. Well he got it out drained the water but di not pull the spark plug as we did not have the tools to do so. so when we drained all the water out of the airbox he tried starting it and all it would do was click. no he did not flip it upside down and drain the water out of the exhaust.

im thinking that its hydro Locked since this was Saturday night, when he did this. Anyone have any suggestions on what could have happened? Im thinking the piston got hydro locked and it has seized up in the cyinder.But I would like some More input as im not Perfect with atv's as I know some on here are.

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Pull the plug and turn it over. You have water in the cylinder.

Chances are, he'll be doing a rebuild on it.

There not a tool kit on his machine? They have a spark plug wrench in them.

My buddy sank his Rincon back in the flood of 2011. We pull the plug, hit the starter to get as much water out as possible, and then poured oil in the plug hole and turned it over some more to coat everything. Had to leave it there for a couple of days.

Drained the oil, filled with fresh, and repeated that about every mile while driving it home until the oil was clear. It was ok until he sank it again a few years later.
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